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3rd Edition 2018 

Wednesday, 07 January 2015 07:00

It is now the New Year called 2015...

columnist David PocockIt is now the New Year called 2015, so what can we expect to see?  Well for motorcycles and riding and riders, check out; The Motorcycle Show, coming to your major city through out the next few months. 




First reason.  

This is the show that all the folk who make motorbikes and the stuff to go with/on/in/around the bike, and rider, will be showing off their stuff for us to poke/peak/and peruse.  We will get to ask these folk all the hard questions from, “Why does it look this way or that?”, “What will it do/not do?”, to the ever important, “How Much?”. 

Second reason.

There will be a Belt Drive Betty booth where, if you’re lucky (wink) you ‘might’ just catch up to Belt Drive Betty herself!  Even if you don’t catch up with her, you can see the ever popular Rider Friendly “Little Black Book” (AKA; R.F.L.B.B.) oh yeah, and you can order your 2015 version.  The multiple uses for this book start with, finding routes you might not have ridden before, find suppliers who have what you need/want, find places to stay along the way when you do travel and “Events” to attend (you DO go on rides, right?).  And often you get a discount, if you’ve got your RFLBB and membership card with you.  There are also emergency contact numbers and, one of my favourites, the Never Ride Alone membership.  Also there will be Tshirts and patches for sale that support all the different and marvy works that Belt Drive Betty supports, you also might find a way to help support Belt Drive Betty defend against the lawsuit brought by “He Whom I Will Not Name” (it tends to leave a REALLY bad taste in my mouth).

Third reason.

At the various stops of this show Belt Drive Betty is having “Guest” clubs/organizations help her run the booth.  In Calgary, CVFR Calgary is again honoured to be the main supplier of manpower along with The Vulcan Riders group “Calgary” and The Rural Ride for Dad folk.  Portions of sales at the booth go to helping these organisations.

Fourth reason.

Well, if all of the above is not reason enough, there will be a lot of demonstrations by some of the premier names in the motorcycle world, for example, Valerie Thompson will be on hand Friday (She just happens to be the acknowledges world land speed record holder for a female on a bike), there will be stunt by two very skilled teams of Motocross riders, not to mention the Lady’s day is Friday, and there are give aways of all kinds including a couple of motorbikes.  

Fifth reason.

And, if the above is not quite enough to tip the scales.  How about, it will be a great evening, or day, to get away from the thought of all the white stuff, go out with the “Significant Other”, or go with some buddies or “BFF’s”, or just get out by yourself to look at think and . . . perhaps dream and set in motion a plan for the riding seasons to come. 

Last modified on Thursday, 08 January 2015 08:26
David Pocock

David Pocock lives in Southern Alberta and has been riding for more years than he really wants to admit.  His first motorcycle was a Kawasaki 55  and since then has owned and riden a number of diverse brands such as Triumph, BSA and yes even a Harley or two.  David has riden in such diverse places as the UK, Puerto Rico, and much of North America with the farthest North being somewhere around Slave Lake and as the farthest South, Mexico City.
When asked why he would write for Busted Knuckle chronicles, David's best answer is, "Why not share some of the fun and maybe cause some conversation amongst my brothers and sisters of the road?"

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