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3rd Edition 2018 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 06:00

A Pause to Reflect

columnist David PocockLast night I was feeling well, “twitchy” might be one word however, I decided to go for a late night ride just me, myself, I and, my thoughts.  I rode away from as much of the light pollution as possible in today’s age and stopped. 





Where I stopped I was able to set the bike on it’s centre-stand and stretch out with my head up on the triple-tree and legs out over the back of the bike and look up at the stars and really SEE them.  When was the last time I’d done this and why so long ago, how about you?  Whilst I was star gazing I thought over the last while, thinking of things as diverse as, the last charity ride I did and the folk that always seem to show up at these, where my life has gone over the last while, you all know that kind of thinking. 

Here are just some of my observations.

We are truly blessed to live in these times, in this country with the privileges and, yes, the responsibilities that go with those.  We get to “go” just about anywhere we want at about any time we want to.  Witness to that, I was able to just stop at the side of the road with out some official coming by and demanding identification and wanting to know what and why I was where I was.

We have available such a wide range of entertainments and access to know about anything we really want to know about.  We get to read and work in English or what ever choice of language we want but that privilege was hard won by our elder brothers in no less than two world wars.  Now, we are truly involved in a third world war but this one is sneaky, it’s disguised as a bunch of little “actions”, oh yeah the “War on Terror”, the “War on Drugs” and so many other conflicts.

More pleasantly, I am blessed with some very good folk I get to call friends.  Take time to think on friends who and what they are and where are they, it is truly and exercise in remembering blessings. 

I know some Veterans who are dealing with PTSD, some in very serious hurt, some who’re dealing well.  I try to talk with each of them on a reasonably regular basis.  If anyone else out there knows anyone who is dealing with this problem, I urge you to get in touch with those you know just to say,”Hello, how are you doing?” if nothing else it lets them know they are not alone.  And if they start talking, let them as much as you can or, if needs be schedule a time to meet for “coffee” and keep that appointment.  You may save your own life, or that of someone else, without knowing it.

To wrap this up, take a moment, think about where you are and what got you there, if the mood moves, thank folk who you need to and talk with others.

As always, Ride safe!  We would rather talk too you, than about you.

David Pocock

David Pocock lives in Southern Alberta and has been riding for more years than he really wants to admit.  His first motorcycle was a Kawasaki 55  and since then has owned and riden a number of diverse brands such as Triumph, BSA and yes even a Harley or two.  David has riden in such diverse places as the UK, Puerto Rico, and much of North America with the farthest North being somewhere around Slave Lake and as the farthest South, Mexico City.
When asked why he would write for Busted Knuckle chronicles, David's best answer is, "Why not share some of the fun and maybe cause some conversation amongst my brothers and sisters of the road?"

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