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7th Edition 2018 

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 22:10

Lucky Highway 13 Motorcycle Tour and Photo Scavenger Hunt! Featured

 LuckyRoute13 267Ride the scenic Central Alberta Highway 13 this summer and win prizes for the best photographs in a summer long photo scavenger hunt! 

Tourism Camrose is excited to be working in partnership with communities along Highway 13 from Wetaskiwin to Provost for the inaugural 2017 Motorcycle Tour and Photo Scavenger Hunt this summer! The goal of this cooperative project is to attract and increase tourism all the way down Highway 13 to the Saskatchewan border. 

The popularity of Recreational and Motorcycle touring is growing rapidly and Motorcycle travel is a niche market with young retirees and baby boomers wanting something different to do. In order to raise interest in the route and add even more fun; we will have a photo scavenger hunt over the summer riding months. Each participating community has identified two iconic places that riders must take pictures of (one being a selfie to prove they actually were there). 

The website www.luckyroute13.com highlights each community with their own page, pictures and information on what a rider can do in that community. Riders must register on the website to enter the photo contest for the chance to win fabulous prizes. The contest will run until September 30, 2017 and winners will be announced Friday October 13th. 

 So why motorcycles and not RVs and campers: 

  •  A rider needs to stop every 2 -3 hours for fuel. 
  •  A rider needs to stay hydrated. …so when they stop for fuel they’re more likely to buy a beverage. 
  •  They don’t have room to store food items so will usually purchase a snack or a meal somewhere on the road. 
  •  For any motorcyclist…. It’s the RIDE!!! Never the destination. 
  •  Motorcyclists are always looking for any reason to ride …. And…then when they get on the bike … something to do. 
  •  They are the ones most likely to stop at roadside attractions and visitor centres, or take time to browse through museums or unique buildings. 

 Do you feel lucky? 


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