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3rd Edition 2018 

Thursday, 31 July 2014 06:00

3rd Annual Riders Against Hunger

Riders Against HungerHey People, August 9th is coming quick! The Ride to help the On Rock Food Bank is upon us. There are great prizes to be had, air line tickets, a flat screen, a guitar, helmets and much more. T-shirts, pins, patches and buckles all to be had. So register, raise some cash to help feed the poor and have one amazing day!


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Thursday, 24 July 2014 06:00

Emotions run high in Quebec

columnist Eoin KennyQUEBEC CITY - After three days here in the provincial capital, I more fervently believe that my Canada includes Quebec and both the country and the province would be diminished by any form of separation. Our history, our culture, our very identity as a nation are so intertwined, it would be impossible to wrest one from the other without destroying both!

Thursday, 31 July 2014 06:00

A whale of a time in Tadoussac

EK Tadoussac1TADOUSSAC – Je voudrais revenir a Tadoussac juste pour la nourriture!

I want to return to this tourist village at the mouth of the Saguenay River that is the capital of the Quebec whale-watching industry. Didn’t see many whales on a three-hour cruise the other day, but I did spend the weekend in grat restaurants like La Gallouine and Café Boheme eating some of the best meals I’ve had since leaving home nearly 11 weeks ago.



Thursday, 10 April 2014 06:00

Quebec - Riding Like a Local - Day 5

guest services deskAfter my sightseeing tour at La Ferme it was time to head to L’estampilles Auberge just outside of Baie-Saint-Paul.

The inn has a long history that goes back to the 1739’s when a residence was built on the location where the inn now stands.  That residence went through many transformations, in the 1940’s it was a general store, in 1970 it became a restaurant, in 1993 it became an Auberge called La Corbiere, and in 1197 a lodge was added to the facility.

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AllegroFrancois introduced me to Christelle and Stéphane, the owners who are originally from France and are riders.

Stéphane and I talked a bit as he showed me around the B& B. Once I was safely ensconced, Francois headed off to change for dinner.

We went to the Allegro Italian restaurant for dinner and had a fabulous chat about motorcycling and tourism.  I have eaten at this restaurant during a previous visit to the region and while the food was wonderful, the service on this night was rather disappointing.  It seemed like the gal who seated us forgot to tell our very busy waiter that she had brought us to his section. We were on the verge of leaving when he came by and realized we had not been served. It happens, even in the best of establishments. 

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Thursday, 13 February 2014 00:00

Ride des Gauloises des Dunes

Date à venir: samedi 21 juin 2014 14:00

Lieu: 8b l'Église Sud, Sainte-Félicité de l'Islet, G0R 4P0  |  Ville: Sainte-Félicité de l'Islet, canada

Toutes les Dates

            du samedi 21 juin 2014 14:00 au dimanche 22 juin 2014 15:00

Fin de semaine avec les Gauloises :

Samedi le 21 juin 2014 souper en notre compagnie

Dimanche le 22 juin 2014 tour de la Beauce

Détails des journées: ...


Arrivée sur le site à 14hrs le 21 juin , le souper aura lieu

à 17hrs et 18hrs.

Au Menu :

Côtes Levées, salade, pain à l'ail au coût de 20$

Bière sur place (Budweisser) Canette accepté seulement.

Évènement de la journée : slow race, show de boucanne

( aucun changement de pneu sur place ), feu en soirée et musique toute la journée.

Coucher: Apportez votre tente ou il y a possibilité de louer une chambre au motel (info a venir !)


Cout de la ride 20.00$

Arrivée sur le site: 8h30 a.m

Bénédiction des motos: 9hrs

Départ pour la ride: 9H30


1er stop pour l'essence à St-Pamphile

2e stop pour Diné à St-Prospère (à vos frais )

3e stop à Ste- Marie de Beauce

(Les adresse vous seront fourni le matin)



ADRESSE: 8b l'Église Sud, Sainte-Félicité de l'Islet, G0R 4P0FORMATIONS

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Site internet www.gauloisesdesdunes.ca

Adresse 8b l'Église Sud, Sainte-Félicité de l'Islet, G0R 4P0

Published in Quebec
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