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7th Edition 2018 

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 02:46

Attitude Zone - Readers respond

bullhornReaders Respond to Belt Drive Betty's blog - From the Depths of File 13

Responsea to Women in Motorcycling, debunking the Sisterhood Myth

Well said and don't forget that motorcycles is a male dominated arena with probably 80%men compared to women so its only natural for people to cater to what the majority like. And what do we men like, you guessed it dangerous motorcycles and pretty girls. - Chiller tek

Exactly. While anyone that knows me knows I'm not into the wet t-shirt contests etc and the like hey if that's cool with the women involved then great. I've got many many drop dead gorgeous friends that have "it"and show it...good...but they're gorgeous inside and out too and they're ladies in all situations. When I was fat I was never jealous and since I've become thin I'm still not. But with that said there's a way to act. You can still show "it" and keep it classy. And I've seen plenty that didn't show it but acted trashy by their actions not looks. Just last nite I was at a concert and a fairly decent looking gal was two rows ahead of me. She had on a very revealing top which is fine but she was trashed out of her mind....mid 50's probably. Security kept having to get her in line all nite long. I knew several of the security guys who are bikers and for them to notice and remark that she was classless said something. She made​ a spectacle of herself that even friends of mine noticed from two sections away. What she was wearing and how she looked was so so but how she carried herself was trashy. People from rows away were laughing at her, not jealous or envious. Classy means more than the clothes one wears. - Susan A.

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