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7th Edition 2018 

Thursday, 03 August 2017 23:32


thought to ponderI just discovered my age group! I am a Seenager. (Senior teenager)

I just discovered my age group! I am a Seenager. (Senior teenager)

I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 68 years later.

I don't have to go to school or work, I get an allowance every month.

I have my own pad, I don't have a curfew, I have a driver's license and my own car.

I have ID that gets me into bars and the wine store ~ I like the wine store best.

People I hang around with are not scared of getting pregnant, they're not scared of anything, they've been blessed to live this long, why be scared? And I don't have acne. Life is Good! You'll feel much more intelligent after reading this, if you are a Seenager.

Brains of older people are slow because they know so much. People do not decline mentally with age, it just takes them longer to recall facts because they have more information in their brains. Scientists believe this also makes you hard of hearing as it puts pressure on your inner ear.

Also, older people often go to another room to get something and when they get there, they stand there wondering what they came for. It is NOT a memory problem, it is nature's way of making older people do more exercise.

SO THERE!! I have more friends I should send this to, but right now I can't remember their names.

So, please forward this to your friends; they may be my friends, too.


Oh by the way, take special care of yourself and avoid injuries because spare parts for old models are no longer in stock! As most of us are made in 30’s, 40's; 50's & 60's models... Warranty period is long over and expiration date is due soon... Caution is better than a fixing. Have to remind yourselves - *we are a limited edition.*

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