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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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3rd Edition 2018 

Friday, 01 July 2016 14:34

The Ones Our Parents Warned Us Of

Vintage MotorcycleI wrote this poem after going to our local hospital bringing some toys to a kid who was terminally ill ,who I didn't know but I sure got to know him that day ,but I noticed everyone staring at me when walking through the halls anyways hope you enjoy it..

The Ones Our Parents Warned Us Of

A Biker enters the hospital,...

As naïve eyes stare at him,
A sense of Fear enters the room,
Like in the presence of the Original Sin.

He Nods and walks by,
Not caring of their idle stare,
He's on a Mission,
To see a Child who is unaware.

He presses the elevator button,
As Patrons quickly Vacated,
Not wanting in the same space,
Of this man who is under-rated.

He has a smile on his Face,
With a stuffed animal under his arm,
No, not for a sick family member,
But for a Child under Medical Harm.

His boots echoing the Halls,
Strolling through stares of disbelief,
Not even knowing that his presence,
Is there to help a child out of Grief.

The Biker does not know this child,
But his HEART will Feel the tears,
For this Terminally ill Child of God,
Sitting Alone fighting Hidden Fears.

At first the child seems Nervous,
Until they have eye contact,
The Child sees a Huge Man,
But feels his Friendship intact.

The Child is Raised to His Knee,
Still a little Apprehensive,
This is the guy,Mom & Dad warned us about,
But this Man Doesn't seem offensive.

A short while passes by,
Asking Questions of one another,
While, forgetting the Terminal problem,
Just a kid and a Biker and his new found LiL'Brother.

These Short moments are Priceless,
For the child and the man in black,
As tears fills the Bikers eyes,
Praying to God He can come Back.

As the Biker wipes his eye's,
Trying to be Strong,
For His new Lil'Buddy,
For now his Heart does Belong.

I am A Biker and a Man,
But the courage of this little child
Exceeds all limits of Belief,
Now My problems,seem so mild. 

Yes, I am a Biker and a man,
But I can't really understand
Why this courageous child,
Will soon be on his way to the promise land

So Maybe next time you pass a Biker,
Think of who He's there to see,
It could be YOUR CHILD,
That he RAISES on his KNEE.

Written by; Wayne Harvey

Wayne Harvey on Facebook


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