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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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3rd Edition 2018 

Thursday, 20 February 2014 07:00

Everything seems to have a danger to it these days.

But really, it seems every time you turn around, something Else has been classified as "Dangerous" & needs a warning label, or caution tag attached.

Common sense has become an oxymoron,  stepping off the curb has become a thrill-seekers dream... & the mere sight of leather Anything on a body barely avoids causing averted eyes & breath-holding til you pass by...

But WHO defines "dangerous"? Has someone been actually injured whilst walking & chewing bubblegum simultaneously? Trying to drink a "hot beverage" that needs 3 cardboard sleeves & welding gloves to hold onto? 

Or has someone merely Thought there could be injury? And if so, injury of what magnitude? Or is pain, simply pain? And the term "Dangerous" simply been made into such a broad classification that only a team of well-trained professional monkeys can figure out?

People Gleefully tell me how dangerous a motorcycle is, all the things that can go wrong,  all the "how they've heard..." stories of blood, guts & glory. Some have never even touched a bike. But they KNOW it is dangerous.

When asked if they've considered all that can go Right? One is reminded of a deer-in-the-headlights... Oh yeah...don't play in traffic; it's not safe!!

Has anyone stopped to consider that all the safety devices vehicles have in them are now quite possibly making it MORE dangerous for people? That when you climb into a vehicle that is "fully loaded" with all the bells & whistles & numerous awards & certificates for being safe, it has the potential to turn the drivers into the guys from Fast & Furious, who think.. Believe? they are now Invincible....

Funny, I got broken up in a car wreck a few years back. Big, safe, "totally safe" vehicle. Was well over a year before I drove again. Still admit to not being a great passenger.  A few years later, I broke more things when I dumped my bike. As soon as the sling came off, I was back on the road. yeah I know... How odd...!

Was I scared? Totally. Did it hurt? oh yeah! So why?

Because to me, "Dangerous"  is people running stop signs because they aren't paying attention to the job at hand.

It's being overconfident when you are still learning.

It's people taking uneducated risks at other's expense.

It's people maybe driving too fast for road conditions in the winter, & like I saw last week, being killed because of it.

I recognize a different Kind of "danger" maybe.  I think now that I'm aware of it, it may well keep me safer. At least, I might know better, what to look Out for! ( Like deer !) 

I think,  & no offense if you be one who needs it, but a warning label to not use a hair dryer while in the shower, grab the working end of a chainsaw to sharpen the chain or feed dog shampoo to your fish,   is, well...a danger of a whole 'Nother sort..!!.


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Kate Bischke

Here is a picture of myself & ride.. an 05 Softail Deluxe.
I live in the Shuswap area of BC, love to ride & have yet to run out of places to explore!
I've been writing about any & everything for as long as I can remember & if I'm not of the road, I'm out trying to redesign my yard with my dogs!
Blessings :)

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