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47th Edition 2017 

Wednesday, 01 November 2017 07:43

What does Remembrance mean to you?

poppy1November 11th is fast approaching and the question I have had on my mind for the last few days’ centers around remembrance and what it means to you.

Published in Support Our Troops

Port Alberni Toy RunMy time in Port Alberni was rewarding.

File 13I have taken the unusual tact of going dark on my personal pages on Facebook and Twitter due to the inordinate amount of hateful vitriol I have endured as a result of my stance on entertainers and pro athletes taking a knee or protesting during the singing of the US Anthem at an event wherein:

PA Toy Run stagingThe Rider Friendly Business Association in conjunction with Community Futures of Alberta & BC hosted this years Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community Contest.

From the Depths of File 13Monuments - things to be fearful of? Insulted by? OR....Could a monument really be something less than sinister?

3rd CAV RallyPTSD is a dreadful dis-ease.

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