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Road Trip Rita

Thursday, 06 June 2019 06:29

Be a Buddy Not a Bully Featured

Bikers are Buddies crestWhat does that mean to you? To those of us at “Bikers Are Buddies” it means we stand against bullying, pretty simple right?

Well honestly it is not just words for us, let me explain. “Bikers Are Buddies” was founded in 2017 by Jay Sullivan. In the beginning it was a group of 6 and today the organization has over 40 riders. It is 100% not for profit and 100% volunteer based.BIkers are Buddies presThe main goal of the group is to support those affected by bullying. Be an ear for them if they need to talk, a voice for them if they need someone to speak up for them and also to let them know they are never alone. All it takes is one kind gesture, one smile, one “are you ok?” to make a difference.

Bikers are Buddies is a group of men, women and children that get together to support the affected. When a bullied child is brought to our attention, one of our trained members reach out to the family directly and gather all the facts. They then reach out to the principal of the school and make them aware that we have been asked for help. Sometimes we even play “middle man” in a meeting with the school and parents to find a solution to the child’s problem. Then a “ride” is planned. What is a “ride”? Well we send out the call to all the riders from our group and other organizations as well letting them know that a child needs us. We show up at that child’s school at closing bell all on our bikes (We use a party bus in the months we can’t ride). We all meet him or her, we chat with his or her family and friends and let them know we are there for them. The child will then get on one of the bikes and we give them a ride home. Once we all there we stay and visit and that brings out the neighbours who you would think would be angry seeing 30 bikers outside their homes, but that is not the case. They come out and take pictures, they ask questions, they want to know what we do and why we do it. In many cases they did not know their neighbour was bullied and sometimes they even tell us how they themselves were bullied and how they understand what the child is going through, then they show their support as well.

Bikers are Buddies bikes

After the ride is over the child is left with 5 things. 1) New friends for life. 2) Swag that they can share with others. 3) An e-mail address and toll-free number to contact us 24/7 should they need to. 4) Continuous communication, we stay in constant contact with them after the ride is done. 5) and most importantly, they have a smile brought on by the support they have gotten and the courage they have found.

We can’t stop a bully from being a bully, but we can help those that are bullied get the help and support they need. We have contacts with self defense instructors and clinical psychologists if they require it or request it.

That is a brief introduction to “Bikers Are Buddies”. In future articles I will go over some of the things we do to bring awareness to the community, the different events we hold and I will share some stories with you about children we have had the pleasure of meeting.

Bikers are Buddies contact

For more information check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/babcalgary/

Bikers are Buddies SimbaJason Behr (Simba)

Bikers Are Buddies

Last modified on Friday, 07 June 2019 01:06

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