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BKC News Bytes - Cariboo Chilcotin Coast, British Columbia

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BC Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Road Trip Rita

Tuesday, 04 February 2020 23:36

Accident Scene and Insurance Adjusters /Lawyers Tips with Ken Braithwaite Featured

White Knights Law Accident Scene and Insurance Adjusters /Lawyers Tips Ken Braithwaite of the White Knights Injury Law Team at Braithwaite Boyle explains what to do at a crash scene, what to do when in hospital, the role of the insurance adjuster & when to get a lawyer involved.

Ken Braithwaite and his team were the first lawyers in Alberta to make injury law accessible and affordable for all accident/injury clients.

By paying for the specialists and information required to provide a good defence for you, and collecting after the fact when the case is settled,

Ken and his team have changed the world for over 20,000 of their own clients. Providing support and representation to riders in BC, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories, the White Knights Injury Law Team, motorcyclist to motorcyclist, we are here to help.

The White Knights Injury Law Team of Braithwaite Boyle are proud sponsors of the "Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association Road Team- Fueling Your Passion to Ride!".

Find us at:



On Facebook: Join our Group: CMTA Road Team

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