Frontier Eatery, Saloon and Outpost is the hot new place to eat in Grande Prairie!

Frontier Eatery & Saloon -  Chops
 Red seal chef, certified pastry chef, and owner, Walter Bradley, brings 34+ years experience to your table. 
He started Frontier with a vision to create a dining experience that truly breaks the boundaries of boring. 
Offering menus that rival the finest dining the industry has to offer with a passion and creativity second to none, Bradley is a true, local, gem.
The Eatery combines a unique menu with a relaxing and casual atmosphere. 
From the finest seafood in the country to a rack of wild game elk. From a bison burger to a creme brûlée. The menu options have everyone raving. 
Over in the Saloon the manager and bartender are always well prepared to get your good time rolling with tasty cocktails, fine wines and exceptional customer service skills. 
The Outpost is a new venture for Walter and his team. They are excited to offer the canteen service to the area and help raise funds for such worthy causes. Not to mention, the opportunity to watch the beautiful veteran gardens grow.
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