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Wednesday, 18 April 2018 21:04

Pledge Your Commitment to Motorcycle Safety Featured

mcc safety monthTORONTOApril 16, 2018 /CNW/ - Spring signals the start of motorcycling season in Canada.

That's why May is officially recognized as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. 

"Motorcycling is a passion," explains Dave Millier, MCC Chair. "It's a sport, a hobby, an efficient means of transportation, and an important economic industry in Canada. Our vision is for all motorcyclists to be able to safely experience the sheer joy and sense of freedom that only motorcycling can offer."

Here in Canada we are fortunate to have beautiful scenery, great trails, and fantastic travel destinations. The unfortunate fact is that motorcycle fatalities are increasing, and it continues to be higher risk for vulnerable road users – including motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians – to share the roads with cars and trucks.

"Motorcycle safety needs to be a greater priority across Canada and our road culture needs to change," says Millier. "A growing number of drivers have a sense of entitlement on the roads and operate with a 'me first' attitude. We want to remind drivers that safety and common courtesy on the roads is the responsibility of all road users."

Motorcycle safety is everyone's responsibility

In 2017 MCC launched the Motorcycle Safety Pledge to encourage motorcyclists, drivers, riders and loved ones to recognize that everyone plays an important role in motorcycle safety. The Pledge became an immediate success with both riders and non-riders. It gave people a way to participate and share their support for an important cause. This year MCC is encouraging even more people to take the Motorcycle Safety Pledge because even if you do not ride a motorcycle, chances are you know someone that does.

The Motorcycle Safety Pledge is a promise you make to yourself, friends, and loved ones to help support motorcycle safety. It includes simple things you can do to help promote safety among all road and trail users across Canada.

We all know that driving requires our full attention. We ask that all motorists commit to fully participating in driving, and to put away the distractions, because the consequences of distracted driving are potentially deadly for everyone sharing our roads. 

We encourage motorcyclists to wear full protective riding gear every time they get on their motorcycle. Be visible and fully prepared for the responsibility of riding, so you can make arriving alive your greatest priority.

Today our roads present a danger due to distracted drivers. Technology and entertainment is too easily within reach. We're prepared to start a dialogue on road safety and the role each of us play in being responsible road users. Are you?

Take the Motorcycle Safety Pledge

Join the many Canadians that support motorcycle safety by taking the Motorcycle Safety Pledge. Visit motorcycling.ca for all the details, and tell us why you're taking the #MotorcycleSafetyPledge on motorcycling.caFacebookTwitter or Instagram.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is a public awareness campaign that began as a grassroots movement in the Ottawa valley in 2013. Since then it has evolved into a national initiative to promote motorcycle safety among all road users across Canada. In 2017 MP David Sweet officially declared May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in the House of Commons.

About the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC)
The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC) is the voice of motorcycling in Canada. Our purpose is to create a better riding experience for all Canadians, and to make Canada one of the safest countries in the world to ride a motorcycle.

MCC is the national not-for-profit advocacy organization for the promotion of motorcycling interests. 

Motorcycling is a vital part of our Canadian experience and an important form of transportation and recreation. Motorcycles take us where we need to go. We ride for the sheer joy and sense of freedom motorcycling offers. Today, there are close to one million motorcyclists riding on and off-road motorcycles across Canada.


About Motorcycling in Canada

Recreational motorcycling has a significant impact on the Canadian economy.

A major socio-economic study of motorcycling in Canada found direct and indirect expenditures on recreational motorcycling were $2.68 billion in 2014. Here are some other facts about the impact of motorcycling, and the contributions made by motorcyclists: 

  • There are 708,700 people participating in recreational motorcycling in Canada
  • $332 million a year goes to Canada's three levels of government in the form of taxes to support valuable public services including the building of roads, health care and education. 
    • $118 million federal 
    • $167 million provincial 
    • $47 million municipal 
  • Based on the widely accepted Regional Economic Model Inc. (REMI) methodology it is estimated that recreational motorcycling will meet or exceed $4 billion annually between 2020 and 2040. 
  • At least 17,500 Canadians are currently employed in motorcycling-dependent jobs with the number expected to increase to between 20,000 and 23,100 between 2020 and 2040. 
  • From a purchasing power perspective, motorcycling families typically have higher than average household incomes. 
  • Recreational motorcyclists raised and donated $13.2 million in charitable donations in 2014.

Read the Recreational Motorcycling in Canada Summary Report and the full Recreational Motorcycling in Canada and its Provinces – 2014-2040 Report and access the accompanying Infographics that feature national and provincial highlights for both on-road and off-road motorcycling.

SOURCE Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC)

2018 Motorcycle Safety Awareness (CNW Group/Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC))

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