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There are many reasons you might need to ship a motorcycle. Perhaps you want to attend a race, explore remote trails, or are moving to work in a new city. Maybe you sold your bike out of state and the buyer can’t come to pick it up.

The freedom you get when riding a motorcycle is hard to match, but riding your bike isn’t always the best option. There are more than a few benefits of shipping a motorcycle in various scenarios.

Added Convenience

Riding a bike might bring you pleasure but making long trips is still taxing on your body. If you’re not in a position to ride or you have a tight schedule, shipping your motorcycle is highly convenient.

You can have a carrier pick it up from your driveway and safely deliver it to your desired destination. You can even arrange for pickup or schedule the delivery, so you can pick up the bike yourself.

Depending on the mode of transport you choose, you can save a lot of time using a specialized carrier. 

Professional motorcycle shippers can handle everything from pickups to transport to paperwork and everything else. You won’t have to worry about logistics, figuring out the fastest route, or missing appointments due to being stuck in interstate traffic.

Spare Your Bike Some Miles

If you have an older bike, it probably has a few miles on it. One of the benefits of shipping a motorcycle is that you can save a lot of extra unnecessary miles.

This is a great alternative to riding your bike when relocating for work. It’s also a solid option when going on an extended vacation and you want to rely on your bike to explore and have adventures.

Shipping ensures your bike doesn’t accumulate more miles than it has to. This will be of great benefit to owners who take more frequent trips.

Safe Delivery

Not everyone who owns and rides a motorcycle is comfortable tackling long distances. Whether you’re inexperienced or worried about traffic and weather conditions, there’s no denying a lot can happen on the open road.

One of the benefits of shipping a motorcycle is that you can get it from point A to B safely. Professional shippers use experienced drivers who know how to handle challenging weather conditions, bad roads, etc.

Furthermore, if you opt for enclosed transport, sunlight, rain, snow, and road debris won’t pose any problems to your bike. Most shippers use special tie-downs and restraints to balance your bike and ensure it doesn’t tip over during transport.

Shielding from the elements, dust, rocks, and potential fender benders is also beneficial. Therefore, shipping is the way to go if safety is your main concern when moving a bike across long distances.

Faster Customs Clearing

Have you considered going on an international vacation and riding your bike to explore exotic and new places?

While it might be tempting to experience the entire journey on your bike, shipping it to your destination might be a much better choice.

Taking any vehicle across the border will require you to prepare a wide range of documents. This is tricky if you don’t have customs experience. 

Carriers have access to large networks of customs agents and know the various regulations you can run into when dealing with international customs.

Therefore, shipping your bike can ensure you pass customs inspections with flying colors and avoid any delays on your trip. You can also ensure you reach your accommodation on time without spending more nights at different locations just to get some rest or avoid bad weather. 

Easy to Move Multiple Bikes

Towing multiple motorcycles with a personal car or even a rental truck isn’t easy. The more bikes you have to haul, the more you have to worry about.

Professional motorcycle carriers specialize in transporting multiple vehicles simultaneously. In addition, they have the equipment required to handle more volume and protect the bikes during transport.

Furthermore, shipping multiple bikes is a lot cheaper than riding them to the destination. 

Bike transport quotes are often based on distance, weight, and motorcycle type, among other factors. You can check motorcycle shipping rates @ A-1 Auto Transport to learn more.

But what if you have two, three, or more bikes that aren’t fuel-efficient? Shipping them might actually be cheaper than riding them, especially if you can’t afford to make multiple trips or you don’t have other riders to help you.


If time is of the essence, shipping a motorcycle is often your best option. Most people ship their motorcycles over long distances, to a new city or state, for example. 

Whether you’re relocating, going on vacation or a business trip, you’re generally on a tight schedule. Hopping on a plane is the fastest way to travel.

The great thing about shipping a motorcycle is that you can ship it ahead of time. That way, you don’t have to leave early or worry about losing a couple of days on the road. 

You can hire a carrier, schedule a delivery, and know that your bike will be ready for pickup at a desired date and time that fits your trip’s itinerary.

This works because carriers are more knowledgeable about routes and always pick the fastest and safest routes.

Avoid Boredom

If nothing else, you can always ship your motorcycle to avoid getting bored on the trip. Not all scenery, city, or landscape is worth seeing up close, and not all roads are motorcycle-friendly.

Shipping your bike helps you avoid the boredom of long-distance rides, which unfortunately happens more often than you think.

Safe and Quick Bike Transport Equals Enjoyable Travels

You can get a lot of peace of mind when shipping a bike instead of riding to a certain destination. Unless you have the time and desire to make a particular trip, shipping is often safer, more affordable, and considerably faster, even than making a DIY move with a rented truck or trailer.

Whether you need cross-country or international shipping, plenty of carriers can make this a convenient and affordable process. If you’re looking for more information on shipping your bike or planning amazing adventures, feel free to contact us.

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