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3rd Edition 2018 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 06:00

Calgary Honour Ride

columnist David PocockThe Honour Ride in Calgary is about a number of things.  This ride is organised by the Calgary Blue Knights and is in support of, STARS air ambulance, The Veterans food bank, supporting charities and groups who support the Emergency Medical System, Firefighters, and the Law Enforcement Community in other words supporting the helpers, it was also originally meant as a commemorative to the events of September 11, 2001.





early arrival at honour rideThis years version went well, though with so many other rides happening and the weather being somewhat cool with a bit of a brisk breeze first thing in the morning, the number of riders was less than hoped for.  However, for those of us that were there, coffee from Van Houtte Coffee Services Ltd. helped warm us up with coffee, and Cobs Bread supplied scones.   The usual pre-ride wandering around, greeting friends made at other rides, adjusting this and that, getting ride groups together and such lead to the start program.   The Honorary Ride Captain, Blake told us his truly amazing story of survival because STARS was able to provide their service. The Blue Knights Ride captain kept the mood light when giving us the usual last minute instructions on route and stops and . . . we were off. 


honourary ride captThe scenery was full of fall colours and even with the recent snowfall of last week there were still a lot of patches of green grass, the trees had made their change to their fall colours and the air was fresh, who wouldn’t enjoy a ride like that?  There were the usual clusters of other riders to wave to in passing and the usual stops along the way had groups of bikers either arriving, getting organized as to where they might roost, getting organized to continue their respective rides or leaving, in short, the usual semi-organized mayhem.



ride capt keeps it lightMy personal experience of this ride.  As usual, the Blue Knights and their assorted partners in this ride ran a very organized event, Co-chairs John Couture and Tracy Flynn both commented and were very thankful to all of their sponsors especially Rona.  Both they and Brian Richmond (a member of the committee and formerly with Rona) state that the Rona involvement has kept the ride going.  Denise Courtney-Perry, added that the volunteers from STARS, Edward Tucker (driver of the Tribute Truck) and long list of other sponsors and volunteers helped make this the best version of this ride yet.



tribute truckWhen the riders arrived back at the Crowfoot Rona parking area, there were Burgers, Hotdogs, pop, and chips courtesy of M&M meats ready, to go with lots of conversation on what was seen along the way.  All of which lead to the raffle, and auction, with some heated bidding on some items and some very cool raffle prizes.  There were a notable few folk who made out like bandits on the raffles, Happy Wino, Ziggy.  It appears that three kings, seven of clubs and six of hearts, beats Queens over fives for best hand, I won the Riding jacket from Cycle Works Motorsports.  Pity, they will not do an exchange as this one is too small for me, anyone want a size 46, fluorescent yellow and black, riding jacket?  However, the big winners in all of this were STARS, the Veterans Food Bank of Calgary, and the EMS support system.

As usual.  Please, ride safe.  We would much rather talk to you, than about you.


3TP Promotions Inc
Perra Leather Works
Perra Leather Works

Last modified on Thursday, 18 September 2014 06:36
David Pocock

David Pocock lives in Southern Alberta and has been riding for more years than he really wants to admit.  His first motorcycle was a Kawasaki 55  and since then has owned and riden a number of diverse brands such as Triumph, BSA and yes even a Harley or two.  David has riden in such diverse places as the UK, Puerto Rico, and much of North America with the farthest North being somewhere around Slave Lake and as the farthest South, Mexico City.
When asked why he would write for Busted Knuckle chronicles, David's best answer is, "Why not share some of the fun and maybe cause some conversation amongst my brothers and sisters of the road?"

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